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Packman Disposable 2G (2 Gram) Cereal Skunk [Indica]

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Packman Cereal Skunk

Packman Cereal Skunk Cbd vape pen, Our last Indica flavor from our original 6, is a fan favorite. Crossing cereal milk with skunk 1. Bringing a loud flavor with a sweet milk and ice cream taste will keep you returning for more. Loud gas and skunk aromas pack a powerful punch to the chest. Cereal Skunk provides a long-lasting high for the weekend with its sweet, sugary taste and soothing effects on the human mind and body. It is a perfect balance of an Indica experience.

Experience a nostalgic and whimsical vaping journey with PackMan Cereal Skunk Cbd vape pen. This delightful e-liquid captures the essence of your favorite cereal flavors, combined with a twist of skunky goodness. Indulge in the playful and unique taste sensation that will transport you back to your childhood breakfast memories. Get ready to vape with a hint of mischief.

Nostalgic and Whimsical Vaping Journey

PackMan Cereal Skunk Cbd vape pen takes you on a nostalgic and whimsical vaping journey. It’s like diving into a bowl of your favorite cereals, complete with the familiar flavors that bring back childhood memories. Each puff is a trip down memory lane, filled with the joy and excitement of reliving those cherished breakfast moments.

Fusion of Favorite Cereal Flavors with Skunky Twist

Indulge in the fusion of your favorite cereal flavors with a skunky twist. PackMan Cereal Skunk Cbd vape pen combines the sweetness and crunchiness of beloved cereals with a playful and unique skunky undertone. The result is a flavor experience that is both familiar and intriguing, satisfying your cravings for a touch of mischief in your vape.

Perfect for Playful and Adventurous Vapers

If you’re a vaper who enjoys playful flavors and loves to venture into new taste territories, PackMan Cereal Skunk Cbd vape pen is a perfect choice. It’s a flavor that embodies adventure and excites your vaping sessions. Let your inner child come out to play and embrace the whimsical world of Cereal Skunk.

Buy Packman Cereal Skunk Online

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Flavors: sweet, cream, vanilla, fruity, iced frosting, gas, skunk, fuel, and light berry crunch.

Effects: body high, relaxation, peace, calmness, creativity, heightened senses.



Black Diamond (Indica), Blackberry Blast(Sativa), Electric Lemonade(Sativa), Forbidden Fruit (Indica), GG4 (Hybrid), Maui Wowie(Sativa), Passion Fruit Diesel (Sativa), Purple Punch (Indica), Sherbet Queen (Indica), Skywalker (Hybrid)

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