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Packwoods Premium Delta 8 Pre-Roll with Glass Filter 2.25G – Insane MAC 11

$30.00Save $10.00

Packwoods Premium Delta 8 Pre-Roll with Glass Filter 2.25G


  • 2g of a premium flower. (Top shelf, lab-tested, hand broken, never ground)
  • High potency concentrate (strain-specific, extract-infused flower)
  • Dusted in kief (indoor, strain-specific, dry-sifted trichomes)
  • 100% Tobacco-free wrap: our innovation based on the composition of a natural leaf, slow-burning and smooth.
  • Engineered glass filter: a consistent and smooth draw from start to finish.

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Miracle Alien Cookies or as it better known through its abbreviation MAC is a trichome dense hash plant like flower.

This Indica Dominant is a cross of Alien Cookies and a hybrid of Columbian Landrace and Starfighter.

The nose is skunky and floral with earthy undertones.

However, this batch had an unusual, sweet undertone almost pine tar kush like that made it irresistible.

The inhale is a earthy musky pungent sweet gassy flavor while the exhale leans more toward a sweet floral flavor profile.

Insane MAC 11 was well worth the money, and I would go buy any bag of Insane Strain by Dr Greenthumb again.

While this is the first Dr Greenthumb flower I have reviewed on this Blog, I am big fan going way back.

B’real from Cypress Hill, BRealTV and Viceland owns and operates Dr Greenthumb.

Back in 2018 he made one of his shows on BReal TV, Medication, a live audience private party/sesh event.

There was Special Guests, Interviews, Performances, Contents and Competitions. Basically, The Tonight Show but with Weed and Breal as the Host.

It was an awesome event. I went to a few of them and saw a few different hip hop performances including B’real, comedy performances, joint rolling competitions, street fighter competitions and tons of smoking.

There were quite a vendor offering everything from cannabis flowers, to concentrate, to edibles, to rolled ice cream.

Also, they had gift bags with a bunch a great product from all the vendors.

They encouraged people to bring the bong/rig and get down with the get down. It felt like a society changing moment similar to the feeling Raving back in the day at homebase in Oakland or the Wicked Freedom Party.

B’Real was very approachable, personable and down to earth. Every sesh he would go around and say hello to everyone letting them take a picture if they liked. He always put on a great show.




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