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La Pop Rocks Stain [Hybrid]

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LA Pop Rockz is a sweet and fruity cannabis strain. An Indica dominant hybrid that consumers say enhances creativity and uplifts their mood, making it a highly sought-after strain for artists and musicians. A good choice for day or night consumption, many reported LA Pop Rockz to start off with energizing cerebral euphoria that kept the mind clear of stress and worry. Many also found this strain to be socially stimulating, providing a relaxed, but clear-headed high that they say is perfect for sharing with friends.

Along with this cerebral elevation, users describe a gradual relaxation that some say leaves the body sensitive to touch, making them recommend LA Pop Rockz to try with your significant other. Eventually, they describe relaxation giving way to heavy a state of euphoric bliss, leaving the mind clear for full enjoyment. The dominant terpenes, Beta CaryophylleneLimonene, and Linalool contribute to LA Pop Rockz’ potent, mood mending, and overall great experience.

A cross between Z Animal and TK Bx2, LA Pop Rockz produces high yields in 8 to 9 weeks. A well-cultivated batch will produce dense and bright-colored buds that are dark purple and forest green. A thick golden layer of trichomes and amber pistils cement these buds together. Grinding the buds releases a candy orange scent, with an undertone of sweet pine and kush.Its flavor is sweet and earthy, producing a smooth smoke with a candy undertone. The THC in LA Pop Rockz averages between twenty and twenty-five percent, so it is recommended to check your batches levels before consuming.



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