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Fryd Extract Disposable 2G (2000gm) Blue Gummy Shark [Indica]

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2g FRYD – Blue Gummy Shark Live Resin Disposable

🦈 Fryd Blue Gummy Shark Live Resin – Dive into the Depths of Flavor

Discover the Exhilaration of Indica Dominance:

  • THC: High THC content for a deeply calming and immersive sensation.
  • Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid – A dive into profound relaxation with a splash of euphoria.
  • Device Type: Disposable – Premium vaping convenience in a sleek, ready-to-use package.
  • Battery: Included – Unbox, inhale, and navigate the serene waters of relaxation without delay.

🌊 Taste the Ocean: Set sail on a flavor voyage with Fryd Blue Gummy Shark Live Resin. Each puff submerges you in the sweet and tangy essence of blue gummy candies mixed with a hint of oceanic freshness. This live resin captures the iconic taste of Blue Gummy Shark, turning it into a vaping journey that’s as exhilarating as exploring uncharted waters.

🌙 Evening Tranquility: Crafted for dusk till dawn, Blue Gummy Shark is your anchor in the night, balancing serene relaxation with a gentle wave of happiness. It’s the ideal companion for peaceful evenings, deep conversations under the stars, or navigating the realms of deep sleep.

🔥 Potent & Serene: Distilled from the finest Indica dominant strains, this live resin boasts a potent THC level that envelops you in a blanket of tranquility. Advanced extraction techniques preserve the full spectrum of flavors and potency, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience with every draw.

✨ Effortless Experience: This disposable vape pen offers the ultimate in convenience and quality. Ready for immediate use, it’s your ticket to a hassle-free voyage into the essence of Blue Gummy Shark. Experience the depth of Indica dominance, anytime, anywhere.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Fryd Blue Gummy Shark Live Resin. It’s more than a vape; it’s a gateway to a world where the sweetness of blue gummy sharks and the tranquility of Indica harmonize. Elevate your senses with a taste that’s as mysterious and captivating as the deep blue sea.


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