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Fryd Extract Disposable 2G (2000gm) Banana Runtz [Hybrid]

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2g FRYD – Banana Runtz Live Resin Disposable

🍌 Fryd Banana Runtz Live Resin – A Tropical Escape

Discover the Exhilaration of Hybrid Elegance:

  • THC: High THC content for a powerful and lasting sensation.
  • Type: Hybrid – The perfect equilibrium of invigoration and serenity.
  • Device Type: Disposable – Effortless sophistication meets premium vaping.
  • Battery: Included – Instant gratification with no preparation needed.

🌴 Taste the Tropics: Embark on a flavor expedition with Fryd Banana Runtz Live Resin. Each draw envelops you in the luscious taste of bananas and exotic fruits, underscored by a subtle earthiness reminiscent of tobacco and tree fruits. This live resin distills the essence of Banana Runtz into a vaping experience that’s as refreshing as it is indulgent.

🌞 Afternoon Delight: Tailored for the late afternoon to early evening, Banana Runtz strikes a harmonious balance between energizing euphoria and comforting relaxation. It’s your go-to for enhancing social gatherings, creative endeavors, or simply unwinding after a long day.

🔥 Potent & Balanced: Extracted from top-tier Hybrid strains, this live resin offers a high THC potency that is both exhilarating and soothing. The advanced extraction ensures a comprehensive flavor profile and a consistently potent experience.

✨ Ready Anywhere, Anytime: With no need for charging or refilling, this disposable vape offers unparalleled convenience. It’s ready to deliver a premium vaping experience right out of the box, wherever your adventures take you.

Experience the Essence: Dive into the vibrant world of Fryd Banana Runtz Live Resin. It’s not just a vape; it’s your passport to a world where tropical flavors meet hybrid harmony. Elevate your vaping with a taste that’s as rich and complex as it is delightfully smooth.


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