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Big Chief, Extracts, Premium Distillate THC Cartridge 1000 mg, Blue Dream Flavor [Hybrid]

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Blue Dream is a famous strain with different wellsprings of beginning. The following are a few tales about the strain’s origin.

Beginning 1: Blue Dream by Unknown

The clone-just rendition of Blue Dream is a sativa-prevailing mixture that was first developed in Quite a while. A cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 strain and Santa Cruz Haze, Blue Dream creates a few imperative aggregates and is known to deliver shifted aggregates with weighty yields.

Beginning 2: Blue Dream by Mystic Seeds

Blue Dream by Mystic Seeds is an indica-predominant cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry strain crossed with a strong OG Kush from Los Angeles.

Beginning 3: Blue Dream by DJ Short

Another Blue Dream by DJ Short was purportedly as of late made and marked as Azure Haze, in the wake of crossing a Silver Haze mother and a Blueberry F4 father.

Beginning 4: Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization

Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization is a sativa-prevailing strain got from feminized seeds. Made from a cross of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze (SSH), this rendition of Blue Dream is reasonable for developing inside or in a nursery.

A powerful cross between the consistently famous exemplary strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream (otherwise called Azure Haze) is a somewhat sativa-predominant strain covered in secret. It isn’t simply marvelous due to its heavenly flavor and buzzy cerebral high, but since its set of experiences has basically been cleared off of the books with many accepting its starting points should be a fantasy. 90.2%Total THC

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Big Chief Carts – Big Chief Cartridges Price – Big Chief Extracts

Big chief carts products contain only distilled cannabis oil (both THC and CBD dominant extracts) and Food- grade. Terpenes are derived from all-natural plant material. Big chief extracts utilize any cutting agents (like Vitamin E acetate), emulsifiers, or synthetic agents that alter the pure cannabis oil and terpene formulation at no point in the formulation process.

Big chief extracts proudly produce the safest products on the market. With recent alarming tragedies emerging from the vaping industry, they aim to make you their number one priority. Big chief products contain only distilled cannabis oil (both THC and CBD dominant extracts) and food-grade terpenes derived from all-natural plant material. At no point in the formulation process does big chief utilize any cutting agents, emulsifiers, or synthetic agents that alter your vaping experience.


We encourage our valued customers to purchase lab-tested and certified cannabis—products through licensed retailers and delivery services. Big Chief extracts is a California-based brand that is out to set the standards when it comes to bringing the purest, top-quality products to the market.

To achieve this, we have built our brand ground using a team comprising the industry’s best. We are vertically integrated, allowing us to control our entire process from seed to the final product. The brand is for those who aim to become the best at their work. Stay Big, Chief’n!

Buy big chief extracts online from the most reputable vape and carts vendor. Hassle-free and with guaranteed overnight shipping. We have a money-back guarantee in case of impromptu or wrong delivery, and all our products are of top quality and lost cost. Order big chief extracts reviews now with us for the best deals.



Big Chief

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Blue Dream (Hybrid)

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